Chinese Herbal Medicine

The herbals I use are the highest quality tinctures, powders and pills (not coated) based on formulas that have been used for hundreds of years. I do not use any herbs that come from China. All ingredients are prepared under strictest FDA regulations and are easy to ingest.

There are many simple and highly effective herbal medicines for acute illness, including sore throats, flu, colds, and stomach complaints.

Here are some examples of chronic conditions that are treatable with Chinese herbs, in addition to acupuncture therapy:

Herbal diagnostics are creative psychologically as well as nuanced to particular physiological patterns of presentation. For example, there is an herb 'alpinia' that is used in a formula on a physical level for premature ejaculation or frequent urination yet is also used at the 'kidney yang within yin' level for the challenge of a psychic situation where an individual recognizes their deepest will (yin will) but spills it under pressure from internalized social or familial ideals.

I find it fascinating to consider the myriad possible ways to connect with unconscious energies that are yearning to be manifested in life.