I attribute a huge part of my physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing to the work I’ve done with Margie Kolchin over the past six years. Her insights and intuitions in acupuncture, Chinese medicine and philosophy, Jungian dream interpretation and body work, come together in a profoundly wise and effective package. My visits range from weekly to monthly and have dealt with everything from M.S. symptoms, hip and leg pain and migraines, to the more subtle work of self-awareness toward the goal of ever increasing balance and integration. She gets my highest praise and moreover, has one of the best laughs I’ve ever heard.

~Sharron Vaillette
Mother, Artist, Writer

She's the best. I came to Margie about 10 years ago hoping to get a couple of needles in my ear to stave off yet another failed attempt to quit smoking. Short story: she helped me end a 35 year long love/hate relationship with nicotine. Long story: we ended up doing a combination of dream work and acupuncture that took me on life-changing journey which gave rise to an inner freedom, clarity and balance beyond anything I previously could have imagined. I saw her weekly for several years and now consider her my “go-to” doctor for sprains, colds and the like as well as seeing her for a seasonal “tune-ups." Margie brings exceptional insight, intuition, skill, compassion (I’ve got about 5 more nouns but you get the point) and humor to the room. I highly recommend her –5 star--as a profoundly deep level healer with a capital "H."

~Ann Hackler
Executive Director
The Institute For The Musical Artsgoshen, MA

Margie has an incredibly deep capacity to offer a healing presence to others and I am so grateful for all that she has done for my health. I started seeing Margie for debilitating chronic migraines and allergies. I had tried many other providers without success. After just a few sessions with Margie my health improved and with continued treatment my strength and vitality returned. What Margie offers is a true gift!

~Stefanie Krantz
Attorney, Health/Wellness Coach

I started seeing Margie in 2007 after several serious illnesses. Since then my health has greatly improved, and my work with Margie on exploring and deepening consciousness is among the most sure and fulfilling of my life. Margie is a gifted, compassionate healer who brings vast resources to the care of her clients.

~Julie Feinland, CNM, MS, MPH
Baystate Medical Center

As a person who runs at high speed in work and family (and life!), Margie's work with me as an acupuncturist and as a spiritual guide have been instrumental in building my capacity to move more slowly from the inside out. And when the challenge becomes physical - whether it be a cough and cold or back pain - she offers treatments that literally cure. Margie's skills and wisdom make her an extraordinary healer on every level.

Pamela Schwartz
Northampton City Councilor
Director, Western Massachusetts Network to End Homelessness

I have been receiving treatment from Margie Kolchin for almost 3 years, and I have benefited enormously from her expertise with acupuncture and herbal remedies. My treatments have increased my sense of well-being, relieved physical ailments, and enabled me to meet life challenges with greater equanimity. Margie brings sympathy, compassion, insight, and humor to her practice. The positive effects that acupuncture has had on my physical and emotional health have made me an evangelist for it.

~Amy Chapman
Education Technologist
University of Massachusetts, Amherst

Margie is an extremely skilled practitioner. I went to Margie expecting her to use a few needles to remove energy blocks in my body and restore some sense of inner harmony. She’s done all that, but along the way she’s also helped me to gain some pretty powerful insights into ways that I can improve my own energy and health. I always come away from a session with Margie feeling renewed.

~Barry Bouthilette