Treatment Methods

Restoring the vital energy flow in the body encourages the resolution of physical complaints and emotional well-being. The vital energy (chi) flows through the body along precise pathways, related to the internal organs, called acupuncture meridians. The quality and quantity of energy in each of these meridians can be read at the wrists. An acupuncture point is a very specific place on the meridian that is activated by hair-width disposable needles or the use of heat (or touch).

It is common to see pictures of someone receiving acupuncture with needles retained for the duration of a treatment. In Five Element style, the needles are often not retained unless a person welcomes that experience. Each acupuncture treatment proceeds in steps; I read the 12 pulses at the wrist before and intermittently during the point selection for guidance. The pulses indicate shifts in the chi flow immediately as it flows through the associated meridians.

There is a wide range of possibility in response to sensitivity; for a few persons I don't insert needles at all-I am able to transmit the chi movement through my hands alone.

Often a person coming for treatment remains fully clothed during it. When wishing to access points that would otherwise be inaccessible, I have become quite expert at draping.

Treatment Methods

Examples of physical complaints that are treatable with acupuncture include:

Acupuncture has a growing reputation in the West for effectively treating pain syndromes, ameliorating the side effects of chemotherapy, and supporting recovery from addiction. Less well known is the power of five-element acupuncture to help reduce anxiety and depression, enabling us to more fully embrace our luminous nature. Finally, many people find that receiving an acupuncture treatment is a wonderful tune-up for the change of season.

Gua Sha

Gua sha, which means to scrape toxins, is an ancient technique for promoting normal blood and lymph circulation and enhancing metabolic processes. The technique involves rubbing the skin of the back, shoulder, neck or upper chest with a round edged instrument. Gua Sha is valuable in addressing pain, upper respiratory and digestive problems, as well as a number of acute or chronic conditions.